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Truck removals and cash for trucks services couldn’t get easier than when you give Cash for Trucks Sydney a call. We are the truck removal company that pays instant cash for trucks of every make and condition. We don’t shortchange our customers by pulling a few parts here and there, then tossing the vehicle into a landfill. We recycle vehicles that cannot be resold, recycling 80 to 100 percent of the vehicle. Our tremendous buying power and expert truck recycling allow us to offer up to $20,000 on ANY Truck. We also throw in a free car removal with any vehicle we buy.

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At Cash for Trucks Sydney, our services include:

  • cash for Trucks
  • Truck Wreckers
  • Scrap Truck Removals
  • Truck Disposals
  • Unwanted Trucks
  • Free Truck Removals Cash for Accident Trucks

Just where do we service in Sydney? Everywhere! We service all locations and all suburbs Sydney wide.

Cash for Trucks

We pride ourselves on buying trucks for fair prices, as well as one that offers vehicle owners the option to get their vehicles sold in about an hour. Our cash for truck services are that fast, depending on where your vehicle is located in Sydney; and, in as much as an hour, you can have your vehicle sold.
What about Scrap and Accident Trucks

Cash for Trucks Sydney is the best place to sell your scrap or accident truck as we are the expert wreckers that don’t just dispose of your truck; we recycle the vehicle 80 to 100 percent. That means quite a bit of cash on recycled parts and steel to your vehicle. It also means that you don’t have to hassle with taking your truck to the wreckers yourself, paying for a towing or doing all the prep work of draining the fluids, liquid and fuel from the vehicle. You simply give us a call, and we’ll make you a cash offer and throw in the car removal.

Cash for Truck Quotes

Convenience is our middle name. At Cash for Trucks Sydney, getting a cash for trucks quote is fast. In fact, it only takes a phone call and within about 10 minutes, we will have a cash for truck offer on your unwanted truck. Our truck appraisers are such experts in estimating the value of trucks; they can provide vehicle owners with an accurate cash offer with just a few details of the vehicle, as well as a complete description.

What We Need from You

At Cash for Trucks Sydney, we don’t require vehicle owners to go to much work, but we will require a few simple things that include: Your title of ownership to your truck (we can make exceptions should you not have your vehicle)

Your photo ID

The plates to your vehicle removed (if you cannot remove the plates yourself, our mechanics will be happy to do so)
Your vehicle located in an easy to inspect, easy to remove location

How Long Does a Truck Removal Cost

There is never a charge at Cash for Trucks Sydney. Our truck removals are always free.

Can I Get My Truck Removed Today

Yes! Fast and friendly truck removal services can be on its way with just a phone call to us, and accepting our cash for trucks offer. We will require that your vehicle be located in Sydney. Once you’ve accepted our offer, we’ll schedule a free truck removal and be on our way to your location with our cash offer.

Get An Instant Cash for Trucks Quote Today

Simply give us a call at 0409 677 878 or complete our “Get a Quote” form that is located at the top right of this page. We buy all makes and models of any age and condition.

Call us at 0409 677 878
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